I am referring to the place where we urinate and defecate, which I call the crapper. Why it’s called a bathroom is beyond me that is definitely the wrong word to use in a place you are supposed to get clean, but it is dirty at the same time.  How do you know if you are clean after you take a shower with the toilet a few feet away from you?  Get a black light and you will find out clean you really are.  To save space they put a sink, bathtub with shower and a toilet all in the same area.  Who wants to smell poo after someone else has taken one and then take a shower after words disgusting.  You might as well throw the crap in my face.  Public places are the worst, I will hold my urine and get a bladder infection or go outside if I have to relieve myself.  Just think about the places you have lived in, you don’t know who has been there or if they left a gift for you.  Not everyone knows the difference between sanitized and disinfected.  Do me a favor the next time you go into a bathroom cover your nose because you are in for some s**t.


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